The New Year's Eve Proposal Guide

New Year's Even Celebration

While Christmas Day or Valentine’s Day can be the more popular day to propose, if you’re thinking about popping the question, New Year’s Eve can be a great occasion to propose. You’ve already got the celebration spirit, decorations and a party to go to, so why not make the evening even more perfect and ask that all important question?

Sounds good? Before you ask the question you’ll need to find an engagement ring your partner will love. Take a look at our Engagement Ring Buyer’s Guide for all you need to know before you make that all important purchase.

To make the moment truly special, you’ll need to find a ring in your partner’s favourite style. The first step is finding out your loved one’s favourite style. The easiest way to discover this is to take a look through their existing jewellery collection. Your partner’s jewellery collection will answer many of the questions you may have when you’re looking for the perfect ring for your New Years Eve proposal. Once you have a style in mind think about what kind of metal would best suit. We have an extensive range of engagement rings in all metal types.

To make the moment even more perfect, you’ll have to get the ring in the right size so she can wear it straight away! Our can help you find out your future fiancée’s best fit.

Once you have that perfect ring, it’s time to create the perfect moment. New Year’s Eve is a truly romantic time to propose, as we always want to bring in the New Year with the one we love. Everyone looks forward to that special kiss at midnight, so it’s the ideal opportunity to get down on one knee one the clock strikes twelve. With fireworks filling the night’s sky and everyone cheering, it will be as-if everyone is celebrating just for you.

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