July’s Birthstone: the Bold, Bright and Beautiful Ruby

It’s July, and it’s time to say hello to this month’s birthstone: the bold and beautiful Ruby.

The second rarest gemstone after the dazzling diamond, rubies represent the everlasting love and passion we associate with its deep red colour.

Ruby is an incredibly valuable gemstone and many in the ancient world believed that this particular gemstone had mystical powers, such as the ability to predict the future or to protect them from misfortune.

Rubies come in many different shades of red, from a raspberry pinkish colour to purple or brownish red. Much like the diamond; size, clarity and cut are all important when buying this birthstone and contribute to the value of your gemstone. A large ruby with lower clarity will have a lower value than a smaller one with greater clarity.

What better way to treat a loved one with a July birthday than with this dazzling gemstone in its many different shapes and forms. To give you some ideas, here are some of our favourites from our Ruby jewellery collection.

We love this 9ct Rose Gold, ruby and diamond ring. The thin band makes it perfect to stack with contrasting gold pieces, or worn alone for a statement look.

9ct Rose Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring

For a more classic look, try these Yellow Gold, Ruby and Diamond hoop earrings. The alternating rubies and diamonds create a bold contrasting look with colour and sparkle.

9ct yellow gold ruby and diamond hoop earrings

Finally, keep things contemporary with cool white gold. This 9ct white gold, diamond and ruby jewellery set features a classic pear shaped ruby surrounded by a halo of diamonds, with matching earrings.

9ct white gold diamond & ruby earring & pendant set

If you have a friend or loved one whose birthday falls in July, or perhaps you’d like to channel ruby’s mystical properties yourself. Visit Ernest Jones online or in store to discover more of our opulent rubies.