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Finding your dream bridal set

You may have had your dream engagement ring in your head from the word go but, for many, picking a wedding ring isn’t quite so easy. Should it be plain? Should it be shaped? Should it feature diamonds? What if it doesn’t fit with the engagement ring? It can, quite frankly, become a bit of a mine field. Introducing the bridal set….featuring an engagement ring and wedding band made to beautifully complement one another, a bridal set can be the perfect solution to achieving the ideal ring partnership.

It is not only important for your engagement and wedding rings to physically fit together, but also for them to bring out the best in each other. If your rings are made from a different metal or carat, then the metal bands are more likely to wear due to differing densities, meaning your ring will need to be sent away for re-plating much sooner than if the metals match. Equally, if your engagement and wedding rings feature diamonds of a different carat weight, the difference may be visible when they are set together, potentially undermining whichever ring features a lower carat weight. I would hazard a guess that these are issues no bride or groom would like to run into! From diamond clarity and cut to metal and style, a bridal set ensures that all aspects of your rings are harmonized, simply avoiding such issues down the line.

You may have always dreamed of having an engagement ring with a unique touch, and when you enter the jewellers a stunning, uniquely designed engagement ring instantly takes your breath away. Whilst it may seem like a dream come true at the time, when trying to find a wedding band to suit the distinctive style, things can get tricky. This 18ct White Gold Diamond Cluster is the perfect example of how a bridal set is ideal for such eventualities. With a carefully designed, unique shape, the wedding band neatly hugs the engagement ring, allowing you to enjoy your unusual engagement ring, without the trouble of hunting for an agreeable counterpart!


We simply adore this 18ct white gold halo bridal set from Tolkowsky. Revered as The Inventors of the Ideal Cut, Tolkowsky diamonds offer spectacular craftsmanship to create the ultimate fire and brilliance from your ring – and you know what that means… greater sparkle! Exclusively at Ernest Jones, Tolkowsky truly wow with this stunning bridal set, which combines a beautiful halo cluster on a diamond embellished band, with an equally sparkling diamond set wedding band. Both crafted in 18ct white gold with round brilliant diamonds, these rings arguably make for the perfect pairing.


It was certainly a difficult task selecting just a few of our beautiful bridal sets to feature in this post, but the last pick just had to be this irresistible this one carat diamond bridal set. Boasting an extravagant double halo in an elegant cushion shape, this exclusive bridal set is available in your choice of 18ct white or yellow gold


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