Up Your Game - Win Premier League Tickets With TAG Heuer.

As a special opportunity to help everyone get even more into the competitive spirit, any purchase of a TAG Heuer watch from today until the 7th of December online can enter you for our competition. If you are buying in-store, fill out a prize draw card with your TAG Heuer watch purchase and hand it to a member of staff. Any online purchases of TAG Heuer Watches will be entered automatically for the prize draw. TAG Heuer’s reputation for their world-class precision in watchmaking makes them a perfect choice to be the official time-keeper of the Premier League. After all, the stuff of lives and dreams are made in those 90 minutes.

We’d like to take the opportunity to highlight some of our most popular and unique time-pieces. Some may be familiar to a few of you, and some have only just been released. Take a look below to view some of our favourites.

Look Closer At Carrera

As one of TAG’s Heuer’s most popular lines, the Carrera collection marks a juncture where classical performance meets avant-garde technique. Expect highly ornate chronographs that allow you to keep track of many different subdivisions of time. We would like to highlight a particular piece from Carrera, the newly released Senna watch.

TAG Heuer Carrera Senna Measure the time in seconds, not minutes.

Starting with the semi-skeletonised dial, you can peer into the back of the watch that contains several numerals that refer to the hours. These are placed in the back with the main numerals on the dial showing the time in seconds, not hours. As a clever reversal of how most time is prioritised, those focusing on the faster moments in life need to know the minutes, not the hours.

Check The Scores With Your Wrist

Your head needs to be in the game, not on your phone. And if you’re at work, perhaps taking out your phone is not always a feasible thing to do. TAG Heuer’s Connected Modular 45 watch is their latest smartwatch release, fully powered by Android Wear 2.0. Both iPhone (models 5+) and Android users can benefit from football tracking apps that keep you up to date on the latest scores so if you’re away or at work, you don’t miss a thing. The watch comes with multiple strap and bracelet options so you can find something that fits comfortably for you. For those prepared to go the extra mile, there’s even a version that has diamonds on the bezel as well.

TAG Heuer Connected 45 Side View A beautiful piece of Swiss-made technology.
TAG Heuer Connected 45 Front View The strap is interchangeable with a colour of your choice.

Celebrate the Life of a Legend

If you’re visiting a boxing match anytime soon, you might be surprised to find out TAG Heuer have just released a limited edition watch that tributes Mohammed Ali. With his signature and portrait engraved on the watch, boxing enthusiasts can actually track individual rounds of professional and amateur boxing using specially placed buttons that have been designed to rotate the internal bezel and help you keep track of the rounds and let you be one of the very few to know exactly when the bell will ring.

TAG Heuer Limited Edition Mohammed Ali Watch Made for those that frequently watch boxing matches.
TAG Heuer Limited Edition Mohammed Ali Watch A stainless steel bracelet version is also available.
TAG Heuer Limited Edition Mohammed Ali Watch The back of the watch features a likeness of Mohammed Ali carefully engraved in.

Revisiting a Classic - Manchester United Fans, Look No Further

Those on the side of the fiery-red colours of Manchester United might as well match off their kit with TAG Heuer’s Manchester United watch. Don’t let the fact that it was made for Formula 1 bother you, the famous Manchester United emblem is clear and simple on the dial, with a classic black and red colour scheme and patterning that looks like it might have come from the future.

TAG Heuer Limited Edition Manchester United Watch Styled in the famous Manchester United Colours.

Even better, the Manchester United logo has been engraved on the case back, positioning this piece as a clear collector’s item for only the most loyal of all fans. We can think of nothing better as a piece to show your support when the game begins.

TAG Heuer Limited Edition Manchester United Watch For the most loyal of all fans.

Precision Is For Everyone

We haven’t forgotten about the women who want to own their own precise timepiece. The recently released Monaco watch for ladies breaks the ubiquitous mould of round dial designs with its iconic square dial and curved strap. Available in white and brown, you can indulge in both avant-garde technology and style.

TAG Heuer Monaco Ladies' Watch TAG Heuer breaks away from the ubiquitous round case designs.

For the women that want to go for something a bit more edgier and sportier, the Aquaracer watch is made from smooth ceramic that gives a beautiful polish with crystal accents and a thinner bracelet. You can browse all of TAG Heuer ladies’ watches here, for all of those who are looking to surprise their partner with something special.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Ladies' Watch Made from the smooth ceramic.

No Pressure; Pressure Is Overrated

You’ve got until 7th of December to have a chance to enter to win Premier League tickets, begin (or continue) your journey to find the right TAG Heuer watch by viewing our range of TAG Heuer watches here.