Winter Wedding Inspiration

Hues of silver, white and blue, roaring fireplaces, settling snow... There’s nothing that can be more romantic and magical than a Winter Wedding. Whether it’s a full-on Christmas themed occasion, or you’re inspired by icy winter colours, or even want to make things extra warm and cosy, take a look at our top tips to ensure your winter wedding runs smoothly.

1. Wrap up warm!

It goes without saying that a winter wedding may not be the warmest of occasions! However you don’t need to let the temperature compromise your style. Choose warm winter accessories to pair with your dress, such as a chic faux fur coat slung over your shoulders, a blanket in your chosen colour scheme or elegant long gloves. You can even choose your bridal jewellery to match your warm attire. A diamond tennis bracelet over long white gloves make a beautiful contrast or a statement necklace nestled under a warm fuzzy coat will stand out beautifully. Make your winter accessories part of your bridal look to ensure you’re photo ready at all opportunities – and that you won’t be caught out with goosebumps!

Winter Bride

2. Close Venues

While freshly settled snow is a magical backdrop for your winter wedding – it can make getting there a nightmare! Avoid the drama of icy roads and bad-weather traffic by holding your ceremony and reception in the same venue, or close by!

3. Time your photographs

It’s getting darker earlier, which means we get an extra hour in bed, but if you’re set on outdoor photographs during your wedding it can mean a rush to get them done before the sun sets. When you’re deciding on the timing of your ceremony and reception, think about the best time for photography and plan around it.

4. Winter floral arrangements

The Diamond Story and Tolkowsky Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing your flowers, many of the summery bright flowers will be out of season. Why not mix up your bouquet with Christmassy picks like holly, mistletoe and pinecones. You can even choose your bridal jewellery to match the red hues of holly – like this Ruby Jewellery Set.

5. Candlelight

Create a perfect romantic setting for your ceremony by lighting candles all around. Adding an assortment of candles in all sorts of shapes and sizes can create a cosy feeling as well as the most flattering lighting!

6. Decor

A Winter Wedding opens itself up to a variety of creative decor ideas. Perhaps you want to embrace the season and choose a colour scheme of whites, silvers and blues; with an icy winter wonderland theme. Fake snow, glitter and mirrored centrepieces are the perfect finishing touches. Or maybe you want to contrast the cold outside with a warming colour scheme of reds, yellows and oranges, and make your venue as cosy as possible with blankets, fairy lights and a rustic setting.

7. Food and Drink

Winter Wedding Setting

After braving the cold for photographs, you’ll want to warm your guests and bridal party up with some winter comfort food. Warm, hearty appetisers and meals are the perfect accompaniment to a winter wedding.

8. Gifts

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for a winter wedding you’re heading to, we love the idea of a unique Christmas tree ornament as a gift, to help the special couple remember their special day. Swarovski have a beautiful range of Christmas tree ornaments perfect for wedding gifts, and our pick would be this 2016 Snowflake Ornament.

9. Bridal Jewellery

A Winter Wedding and all things sparkling go hand in hand. Finish off your bridal look with dazzling diamond jewellery for a simple yet radiant look. We love a simple diamond pendant to add a touch of icy sparkle to your outfit. Pearls are also a beautiful seasonal choice – the fresh white colour can look like beautiful snowfall. Choose a pair of pearl earrings for a classic winter wedding look.

Whichever direction you choose to take your Winter Wedding in, share your photos and stories with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.