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Wedding Jewellery For A Winter Wedding Guest

Whether it’s the photogenic appeal of snowy skies or simply a case of wanting to extend the celebratory spirit of Christmas, winter weddings are on the rise. Though the temperature might be low, you can still reach new style heights. Discover the pieces you need to master your winter wedding look.

18 January 2022 Editor - Ernest Jones

Snow. Wind. Rain. Come what may. Even the elements can’t get in the way of love, which is why more and more couples are embracing winter weddings. A wonderful way to end the year on a high or start the new year on a jubilant note, winter weddings might not be best for summer dresses but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. Radiating unparalleled colour and glamour, jewellery can transform and elevate your attire with ease – proving to be much more than just humble accessories.

Wedding jewellery to complement your outfit

A testament to the creativity and imagination of craftsmen, there is no limit to the abundance of jewellery available: necklaces, earrings, rings imagined in a host of different styles, colours, shapes and sizes. Creating instant intrigue, jewellery is an effortless way to dress up or down outfits. From playful to powerful, jewellery can be used to create a host of looks.

If you’ve opted for more pared-back outfitting or muted tones, bring your outfit to life by layering on the luxury. You can achieve this in a variety of ways: think a multitude of dainty chains or by mixing and matching pieces.

For ensembles that are maximalist in aesthetic, the choice is yours whether you want to tone down accessories or heighten the drama. If your outfit features a print that you’d like to particularly spotlight, keep jewellery to a minimum. Think pearl studs, a ring or two or a delicate necklace – that will lend finesse to your look without overpowering the overall finish.

Those of you that prefer bold style, enhance the glamour with the help of vibrantly coloured jewellery such as these eye-catching necklaces featuring bright treated diamonds from the Love Colour collection.

Coordinate using gemstone jewellery

Along with winter weddings, another trend that’s growing ever stronger with each passing year is colour coordination at weddings. Bringing an incomparable brightness and joy to the occasion, it makes total sense why more and more couples are opting for colour themes to curate their special day.

From outfitting to décor and everything in between, colour themes are an opportunity for couples to put their own unique touch on their celebrations. Better still, colour coordination will make sure that wedding pictures are every bit as beautiful as they should be.

Often sentimental in reasoning, certain colours are often selected because of a particular meaning they have to the special couple. By choosing to adhere to a colour scheme, it not only shows your respect to the hosts but also your sense of creativity and imagination in how you choose to coordinate your attire. From red to orange to blue to green, here are our recommendations below on how to join in on the fun of colour coordinating via brightly coloured gemstone jewellery.

Red scheme: Ruby jewellery

An obvious nod to the romance of two soulmates officially declaring their love and commitment to each other, red will always be a popular choice as a colour scheme. An exquisite yet effortless way to tie in with the theme is by styling your look with jewellery, so look no further than to the resplendence of ruby jewellery.

Mesmerising in their vibrancy, this Le Vian bracelet along with the matching ring will lend unwavering luxury to your look. Formed of a captivating ombre design that playfully combines rubies and pink gemstones, these undeniably passionate pieces are the perfect ode to love.

Orange scheme: Morganite jewellery

Evoking the pure joy of the sun, an orange scheme is an ideal for such a jubilant occasion, bringing a touch of summertime splendour to a winter wedding. Offering just this are these two beguiling rings that may both share a morganite core but are strikingly unique.

Part of the Ernest Jones morganite jewellery collection, this 9ct rose gold-crafted design sees a resplendent oval cut morganite stone encircled by a halo of glittering diamonds for a truly arresting finish that will stay long in the mind. Providing a stunning contrast is this Le Vian ring composed of an irresistible combination of the brand’s iconic Vanilla and Chocolate Diamonds. Characteristically different but decadent in their own ways, these rings are a truly opulent take on an orange colour scheme.

Navy scheme: Tanzanite jewellery

Reflecting the blue shades often associated with cooler months, a navy colour scheme is certainly an apt choice for a winter wedding. Sumptuously deep in tone, a flash of navy through tanzanite jewellery will add character to your ensemble, while helping to define features such as your eye colour or rouged lips.

Enrich your navy winter wedding outfit by way of this elegant 9ct white gold tanzanite and diamond pendant along with the matching earrings. Expertly crafted, each of the intricate designs spotlight a glistening pear-shaped tanzanite stone surrounded by diamonds that guarantee you make an unforgettable impression.

Green scheme: Emerald jewellery

Uplifting in spirit thanks to its fantastically vivid colour, a green scheme will impart an instant air of elegance among wedding guests. Emerald jewellery is perfect for this theme, but with it being so gloriously deep, green can verge on dramatic so if you would prefer a more subtle look, allow your jewellery to do the colour coordinating instead.

Unquestionably elegant, this 9ct yellow gold emerald and diamond set comprising of a pendant and earrings will shine spectacularly in the light, illuminating the world around you. Enhance the effect by teaming the set with this 18ct gold emerald ring to deliver a masterclass in colour coordinating.

Diamond jewellery for a wedding reception

Is there anything else quite like a diamond? Symbolising luxury in its purest form, there’s no denying the dazzling appeal of diamond jewellery. Considered the shards of stars by the ancient Greeks and the tears of gods by the ancient Romans, diamonds have enthralled civilisations since the beginning of time and still continue to.

Thanks to their clear, iridescent beauty resembling ice, diamonds will tie in magnificently with a winter wedding. From bold pendants to studs that serve as a splendid finishing touch, diamonds are available in a host of different forms – all boasting their own unique appeal with their own story to tell. Take, for example, Chopard’s Happy Hearts bangle. An iconic design renowned and adored around the world, it’s been reimagined in rose gold that lends even more romance to the two hearts filled with 0.45ct brilliant diamonds at the centre.

Yet another remarkable interpretation of diamonds is this pendant from the Ernest Jones Diamond Collection. Crafted in luxurious 18ct white gold, the chain showcases a single princess-cut diamond set within the bale’s centre, surrounded by dazzling brilliant and baguette-cut stones. Accentuate the enchanting appeal by pairing it with the matching stud earrings that will radiate wonder endlessly.

Your winter wedding look awaits

From subtle pearl studs to an eye-catching morganite ring to breath-taking diamonds, whatever your style or taste, create a truly enchanting winter wedding look that will set you apart from the rest. Discover expertly crafted jewellery at Ernest Jones in store or online today.