Fope Gioielli

Fope Gioielli was founded in Vicenza, Italy by Umberto Cazzola in 1929 and is now one of the world's most desirable jewellery brands. All Fope jewellery is based around the Novecento Mesh design with unique Fope clasps. Inspirational, aspirational and desirable, Fope Gioielli is at the very pinnacle of the jewellery world.

Elements of jewellery

Fope Gioielli jewellery is the fusion of three elements: experience, technique and innovation.

Fope's designers skillfully create contemporary jewellery by connecting elements and styles from the past and the present to create unforgettable creations. Steeped in European style and glamour, Fope jewellery is a statement of quality and style.

Italian creativity

The Fope mission statement says it all,

We want to spread the taste, the fashion and Italian creativeness all over the world through refined jewels and elegant design that makes the wearer proud to possess and exhibit the ancient charm of conceived products, manufactured with Italian love and passion.
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Fope Gioielli timeline

  • 1929 Umberto Cazzola starts a small jewellery craft factory in Vicenza, Italy
  • 1970 Umberto Cazzola, grandson of the founder, becomes president and continues his grandfathers call to 'turn creativity into magic.'
  • 1980 The debut of the Novecento mesh. A tubular, innovative and unique design it gains appreciation in Italy and internationally.
  • 1998 Fope opens Fope New York.
  • 2000 New headquarters open in Vicenza.
  • 2000 Fope opens Fope UK and Ireland.
  • 2003 Retail project is launched and Fope starts a shop in shop project in the most exclusive malls and shops around the world.
  • 2004 Fope celebrates its 75th anniversary. A 'shining' birthday that says much about the brands spirit.
  • 2007 Italy, Europe, Middle and Far East countries are the main destinations of Fope's retail expansion.
  • 2008 Basel World hosts the unveiling of Fope's new look.
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The Fope Gioielli collection consists of seven key lines of luxurious and desirable jewellery. Each collection features Fope quality and style with its own defining features.

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